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Manpower Supply

Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC is connoisseurs in the supply of skilled labour to different sectors of construction industry. Our clients as well as candidates, both, will be in a win-win situation through our reassessed methods. We can assist you in all your staffing needs as we obviously realize the challenging requirements in different fields. We provide specific emphasize for experienced manpower in the construction sector. We ensure that our clients get the best available service without any legal complications and we have so far succeeded in this venture. Our services are made available 24x7 for our customers.

Area Of Operation

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Mission & Vision

Vision: To evolve as the most prominent scaffolding company in The UAE by setting benchmarks in the industry, professionally.

Mission: To integrate real professionalism and ethics in business for providing complete client satisfaction.Implementing appropriate value additions timely and incorporating most modernized technologies for professional perfection.To be resourceful, inventive and “proactive perception” with every assignments that we involve in.

Man Power

Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC is motivated by the presence of a dynamic and professional squad of reliable and experienced scaffolding workforce. They are inducted to this profession after providing professional on the job and off job trainings which gives them real proficiency in all the domains of scaffolding responsibilities. Entire team members of Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC completely comply with all the safety policies and maintains the safety standards of working.

We employ only outstanding people with technical background and innovative thinking which makes us the forerunners in the scaffolding industry in the Emirates. Besides, the customer centric working styles of these technical experts are always appreciated by our clients as it our makes clients them more confident and comfortable.


Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC’s pioneering scaffolding equipments are created deploying state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures and resources and hence they are highly dependable and safe. Our multi functioning scaffolding materials and engineering skills in scaffolding applications, meets all the superior values of technical perfectionism and quality standards. Ensuring extensive superiority of entire scaffolding materials, covering whole range of frame scaffolding, system scaffolding, forming systems, shoring systems, scaffolding accessories, planks and decking, We possess one of the major material artifacts of scaffolding, shoring and forming products in the UAE. We also emphasize on versatility and durability of our scaffold frames ensuring compatibility and easiness in erecting and dismantling.

Safety Policy

Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC forever upholds the policy of safety working environment of our employees meeting all the standards of ‘Safety at Work act’. Moreover, we strictly follow all the statutory necessities related to the company’s functioning. Recognizing the importance of safety at work place, we induce awareness among every member of our work force and train them to react appropriately to every unpredicted situation that may arise. Our safety policy includes:

- Sustaining regularly an environment of safety at workplace.

- Promoting and issuing safety systems and equipments.

- Imparting information and proper regulations regarding safety.

- Ensuring the training of the professionals who are associated with scaffoldings erection, dismantling and making alterations in any scaffolding.

- Constant inspection of all the equipments utilized in the business.


Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC has improved its standardization when it progressed over the ages. We also maintain our conformity in our assignments. We never compromise safety and security as we give prime importance for our core values. We always strive to maintain our standards regarding the technical criteria and corporate functioning by:

• One of our competent officials will determine the robustness of the scaffoldings to ensure the safety factor.

• Regular training for employees is provided regarding the hazard controlling procedures.

• Thorough inspection of scaffolding materials before each work shift.

About Us

Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC is a well-versed and specialized access scaffolding services provider in onshore and offshore sectors. The company is based in Dubai and covers Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the Northern Emirates.

Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC is a formation by scaffolding service experts those who have over decade experience in diversified scaffolding services in the field of:


We offer seamless support to erect our high quality scaffoldings for the oil and gas sector. We are one of the leading scaffolders in this sector in UAE.


A highly competent and matchless scaffolding services are provided by Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC in the field of power and water sector.


We give utmost importance for the safety of infrastructural works by providing perfect scaffolding solutions for its functions.


Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLCs allows safe working patterns in an array of industries.


We have given expert scaffolding solutions within the marine industry with both basic and complex structures which depends upon the type of the assignment.


Well Certified Scaffolding Contracting LLC has set certain benchmarks in the scaffolding method in construction sites employing direct employees who are real experts in the same field. We are continually improving our activities as a part of professionalism.

Scaffolding is fully compliance with UAE federal laws regulation to international standard such as BS, API standard etc.. operations are fully certified as per the demands of local rules & norms.